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  • Trenton Sanko

Why Our Sites Are Built on Wix

Wix is one of the best website platforms available today, and I recommend it for my clients because it's a truly versatile solution. Here are some of the benefits of Wix:

Wix's Site Editor is best-in-class. Other building and design options don't compare in the ease-of-use, functionality, and customization abilities that Wix offers. With Wix, you're able to add video, image galleries, or slideshows anywhere on your website and customize the way they are displayed on desktop and mobile browsers.

Wix has integrated SEO (search engine optimization) features to help potential customers easily find your business through Google search and be shown as relevant to related topics and businesses in your desired area. In addition, various marketing and ad systems are available through Wix partners to connect your business with your target audience.

Wix sites are secure by default. Unlike open-source platforms like Wordpress, you won't need to mess around with about coding, upgrading software, or installing security solutions - the Wix hosting team takes care of back-end support for you. Wix also releases new features regularly, allowing you to use their new tools without having to manually update or switch plans.

All Wix sites include SSL certification, an industry standard for secure browsing. Https is standard on all Wix hosting plans at no extra cost or hassle, adding a layer of trust and security for those visiting your site.

Wix tech support is available through multiple avenues, offering a great resource to answer questions and help you resolve site issues as needed.

Wix's Site Editor includes mobile-specific building tools to help optimize your pages for visitors using phones or tablets to browse your site. This allows you to use the same elements as your desktop version, and add/remove elements as needed to make the user experience seamless and comfortable.

While many beautiful and professional Wix templates are available, we offer the option to build your site from scratch. Everything on your website can be custom designed to suit your needs, from the background colors/images/videos, to text content, slideshows, videos, buttons, and menus. Every element can be built uniquely to your site and displayed as a coherent theme throughout.

Have an existing Wix site or starting new? We can help you get your site designed, setup properly, integrated with SEO best practices, and train you on how to add content to your website, manage your store, or add blog posts when you take ownership of your site.

As the goals for each business varies, so does the value of website elements in each use case. Thus, depending on your current needs, the price of designing and developing a site or implementing other avenues of growth is built on a scale. We will always tailor our pricing to your business and offer a number of options at different price points to achieve your current or future goals. If you are selling a number of products or services, you may wish to implement e-commerce tools on your site. This self-managed selling solution adds immense value to your site, so the cost will scale with the needs and scope of your store.


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